Leave the Stroller at the Gate…

Jon and I pride ourselves on being minimalistic when it comes to packing travel luggage. We can usually get away with only a carry-on for a few weeks on domestic flights and a shared checked bag for anything over a month. It’s become a fun challenge for us to be lightweight and it makes our trips so much more enjoyable. Living with less always seems to be best. And then we had a baby. After a month of life with our new baby Margot we thought packing light was a distant memory, babies come with STUFF- and lots of it! We had been planning a four week trip through Europe to visit family during the last month of my maternity leave since before Margot was born. We knew if we wanted to keep travel a part of our lives with children we would need to just continue to travel and just bring them along. After reading numerous blogs and talking with those who have traveled with their kids we were able to make a packing list. We debated whether to bring the stroller and car seat or not, but our time in New York made it hard to not include so we ended up bringing them (deciding the night before we should do it). It took days to narrow down what we identified as essential to bring. In the end I think we did a pretty good job.

We set off for our four-week vacation with two day-trip backpacks (one full of baby essentials for the flight and the other Jon’s computer, our passports, and personal items), one checked roller bag weighing exactly 52 lbs, a fold up stroller with a snap in car seat (Chicco’s Key Fit 30), and Margot in her Tula carrier. We had less than some of the other passengers going to New York for the week.

The real measure of our packing abilities comes now, on the trip. Do we have all we need? We will soon find out (the best thing about baby stuff is that it can be found in every country).

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