Phase 2.3: Photo Workshop portraits


Nader Daoud, Jordanian photojournalist. Multitasking between teaching, coordinating, and interpreting at the workshop. Photo by Jonathan Nellermoe.


Dina Jamil, 25 years old. From Mosul, Iraq. Now living in Amman, Jordan waiting to resettle to Australia. Photo by Sally Jamil.


Jonathan Nellermoe: project manager, baker, and incredible friend to all. Photo by Krysti Nellermoe.


Mariam Sami Yusuf, 23 year old from Mosul, Iraq. Studied Chemistry in college, but thinks it too difficult. Waiting to be resettled out of Amman, Jordan. Photo by Krysti Nellermoe.


Wa’el Hanna, 28 years old. Enjoys playing the piano in his church’s workshop group.
Photo be Remon Najeeb


Martin Sami, age 22 from Mosul, Iraq. He speaks four languages and wants to study engineering once he resettled in Australia.
Photo by Wa’el Hanna.

Roni Kamal. Will be resettled in Las Vegas, Nevada with a few months. From Mosul, Iraq. Everyone used him as a model in the workshop. Photo by Martin Sami.


Krysti Nellermoe, traveler to Jordan in hopes of making new friends and gain a more enriched understanding of the Middle East. Photo by Mariam Sami Yusuf.


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