Phase one: getting acquainted with Amman, Jordan

The first few days in Amman, Jordan have been full of sweet rest. Jon and I are staying with good friends in Jabal Hussein, one of the seven hills that make up this beautiful, ancient city. We start the day slow with our friends sipping coffee in our pjs and then making our plans. The first day we met up with IRC colleagues in the Jordan and Regional offices and learned more about the Syrian crisis from the Jordanian perspective and how it is affecting so many people’s lives. After the meeting I felt so grateful for my colleague’s time, but equally overwhelmed by the situation and the real people displaced and having to start over without the security of education, health, protection, or a sense of home. The question I ask my self often in Utah comes to mind here as well, “How would I handle such a situation?” and I fear the real answer is I would be a mess. Even having to dress in long sleeves and pants in the hot Jordan sun makes me cranky, a small comparison to loosing my home country, but an indicator of my own sense of entitlement. We are already learning from Jordan and my anticipation to let it continue to shape me grows each day. More to come.





One thought on “Phase one: getting acquainted with Amman, Jordan

  1. Wow! I can’t wait to hear what you are up to in Jordon. Really enjoyed your two posts so far. Prayers for safety and for His blessings on your adventure! XO!

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