Phase 1.3: dentist trips & historical ruins

Wednesday (10/5) morning Jon flossed and out popped his crown on his back right molar. When I woke I found him sulking on the couch searching for dentists and apologizing that we’d have to delay our trip to the Roman ruins and go to the dentist instead. After a little searching Jon found Dr. Zeniah and he gave her a call. She was so kind and set him up for a morning appointment. Dr. Zeniah’s office was modern with black shiny tile that easily exposed dusty desert foot prints with large white leather love-seats looming in the center. The receptionist ushered both Jon and I into the room with the dentist chair and we met Dr. Zeniah. She insisted I stay while she cemented Jon’s crown back into place, but the dentist tools make me squirm so snuck out to cozy up with my kindle in one of the big white loved-seats to happily wait. To our surprise it took no longer than 20 minutes and the equivalent of $20! We love Dr. Zeniah!

After the dentist we hailed down a taxi and hit up the Amman Citadel, a beautiful historical site at the center of downtown Amman (Jabal al-Qal’a (جبل القلعة). Most of the ruins and buildings still visible came from the Roman, Byzantine, and Umayyad periods. It was incredible seeing the centuries of history and civilization mixed together. We kept imagining what each era looked like and how it played into history. We spent all day exploring and at sunset walked down to the Roman Amphitheater (after stopping for shawarma and falafel) and people watched from the top of the massive ruins. Jon dared me to go to the center and sing for the group of tourist scattered throughout the theater (the theater can sit 6000 and the acoustics are amazing). When I refused he ran down himself and let out a loud roar from the center, his voice echoing throughout the theater. He got a few claps, but for the most part it was pretty anti-climatic. Some ladies sitting on the side invited me to try and I built up enough courage and walked to the center and sang Whitney Huston’s “I will Always Love You” at the top of my lungs- don’t ask me why that song came to mind- but I did it and got a standing ovation! Challenged expected. We ran out of the theater full of adrenaline and just laughed together. We explored a small theater next and then found our way home. It was a great day!











One thought on “Phase 1.3: dentist trips & historical ruins

  1. Hey Jon and Krysti – fabulous to see you two looking so wonderful. You are truly in your element. And so happy to hear the workshop is going so well. Thanks for sending the photos. Praying for you both. Love and hugs!

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