Phase 1.2: No bag, no problem.

I (Krysti) arrived 2 hours later than expected due to the toilets malfunctioning on my Paris-Amman flight. It was another 40 minutes later, after getting a visa and exchanging some funds, that I realized my bag was not on the claim! I tried in limited Arabic to acquire help in finding my missing luggage, but kept getting pushed out of the way by Arabic-speaking passengers just as confused and upset their bags were missing. Finally a nice gentleman from behind the lost baggage counter gestured for me to come and asked how he could help. After a few searches he located my bag, which turned out to still be in LAX. The airline never even put it on the plane! I gave the gentleman my friend’s address and he assured me it would come “bokra il masa” (tomorrow evening). Jon met me at the exit and we took a taxi into Amman with only my little carry-on backpack to tie me over. Jon’s first words to were “You’ll never get that bag back, but I’m glad to see you!”

With no luggage there was also no change of clothes. Jon and hit up the City Mall and it was like stepping into South Coast Plaza in the OC. Most Americans imagine the Middle East to be different from the west in every way, but that first day in the mall we ate “British” fish&chips walked past Victoria Secrets, Starbucks, and Claire’s while hitching a ride home in a Prius.

To top it all off my bag arrived that same evening! El Humdellallah!!





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