“In Mirleft, you never left!”

“In Mirleft, you never left!” was the witty greeting we got from a young shop keeper in the small Berber fishing village of Mirleft. He was right, you never do want to “left”, or leave.

While on the Camino Jon and I started dreaming of days without walking and researched places off the beaten path in Morocco we could explore. A beach house in Mirleft appeared on out Air B&B list and we booked it right there and then (if you aren’t signed up with Air B&B let me invite you, it’s amazing and we’ll both get travel points).

Caroline, a hilarious free-lance journalist from the UK, escaped the corporate world about 10 years ago, moved to Morocco and built a beach house right on the Atlantic where she spends her days with her Moroccan rescue dog Charlie and her Berber neighbors- and now us! It was a perfect arrangement. Every morning we enjoyed tea and conversation with Caroline and each day explored a new beach. We also spend a fair amount of time in the village celebrating the end of Ramadan at the local carnival and Berber cuisine- Jon now loves Camel tagine! We didn’t want to leave, but after four nights and five days we sadly said goodbye. We actually didn’t have the anything planned for the last week…more to come.

If you are planning a trip to Morocco go south, it’s fantastic, especially if you enjoy surfing, windsurfing, and brilliant British hosts!

The most eventful stories from our trip to Mirleft I’ll include in the next post.
They deserve there own page!
















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