Buen Tourismo

Once Jon and I entered the region of Galicia, where the last 100 km to Santiago begins, our peaceful Camino family tripled in size. Instead of arriving at a café where there were about 5-6 pilgrims there were now roughly 45 pilgrims! Even the Coca Cola machine has the last 100 km map to Santiago displayed on the front.

Are these new weekend warriors pilgrims or tourist? I guess we have to ask ourselves the same question, which are we? Is this Camino an internal journey for us? Does our measly 22 days of walking mean anything if our hearts and mind remain the same?

Much to think about as we finish what has been the strangest vacation ever 🙂

(The following pictures include our awesome sangria break on our 5th 32 km day in a row, our new friend Carlos from Seville, eating the famous Galician octopus (pulpo) at Casa de Ezequial in Melide, and other “touristic” Camino things we found)












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