Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Throughout the Camino Frances there are yellow arrows guiding you to Santiago. The guidebook is mere security and comfort because it is almost impossible to get lost with the many arrows. On our way out of Astorga another pilgrim approached us saying the arrows were wrong and his guidebook seem to reflect we had gone too far. A few pilgrims followed, but some including Jon and I remained on course, trusting the faithful arrows. In the end the arrows were right, but what about the group that lost faith in the simple signs before them and relied on a more familiar guide? That one pilgrim lead a half a dozen others astray and his technical map turned out to be wrong. A little reminder for us of all the subtle, steady road signs we receive from the Lord everyday. Maybe we don’t know exactly where they take us, but we haven’t been led off course yet. Do I lean too heavily on my own wisdom? Who have I taken off of the simple course due to my doubt? I wonder.

Below are just a few examples of our
“yellow brick road” to Santiago (now only 80 km away):







There are more than just guiding arrows on the Way. We’ve had to maneuver herds of cattle, hordes of Spanish teenagers on a “last 100 km to Santiago” field trip, barking dogs guarding vineyards, freeways full of speeding cars with little regard for the passing pilgrims, and los gatos, lots and lots of gatos (cats)!







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