Best Albergues yet!!

Fellow pilgrims, if you can make it work with your routes we suggest staying in the following pueblos and Albergues. Jon and I want to share the names and information because they have been some of the highlights of our Camino!

Option from O’Cebreiro:

We walked from O’Cebreiro to the monastery in Samos which is a beautiful river town (the monks make great chocolate as well).

The next day we walked from Samos to a small pueblo outside of Portomarin, Vilcha. We stayed at Casa Banderas which was incredible! Gordon (S. African) and Anna Maria (Danish) made us a homemade chicken curry meal with lots of vegetables and welcomed us like family. They have both walked the Camino and are great conversation partners. The alburgue offers foot massages and has an amazing shower with massage settings. Book this place if you can! #982-545 391

Gordon recommended his friend Miguel’s alburgue for us the following night in San Xulian, outside of Palas de Rei, called Albergue Turistico “O Abrigadorio”. Our room is a converted barn and it’s adorable and clean! Miguel made all the guest a lovely communal meal and helped Jon and I plan a bit of our Morocco trip (he is Moroccan). We recommend passing Palas de Rei and staying here, much more authentic and communal.
#676 596 975

There are our shameless plugs. We have stayed in enough Albergues on the Camino to know whats worth an extra kilometer to two.

Casa Banderas, Vilcha:




Abrigadorio, San Xulian:






3 thoughts on “Best Albergues yet!!

  1. Hi!! Do you remember us?? Mother&daughter from Portugal?? We met in Larrasoaña and then in Cizur Menor!!! I’m at home, now, I’ve made my part of the Camino and now my husband is with our daughter Bárbara! 🙂 Do you know anything about Félix??? Big kiss & buen camino!!!

    1. Hi!! Great job finishing the Camino! We ended Sunday and went to Madrid. We are with Felix now, he was just asking about you. He says hi and wishes you the best. So glad to have met you :))

      1. Congratulations! Bárbara will arrive in Santiago next friday, I suppose! Send my regards to Felix!! You’re welcome in Porto if you want to visit us, ok??? I also wish you all the best!!! See you!

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