O’ Cebreiro to Samos: Monks and sore feet.

We try to get 10 km in before breakfast, that way we are encouraged to wake up at 5:45am and hit the road by 6:30 am. We left the large albergue with an incredible sunrise over the mountains with fog spiraling like a vast ocean in the valley. We kept on the rocky path until roughy 8 km when we stopped at the first village with a cafe for coffees. The guide book suggests a mere 20 km day, but to make it to Santiago by Sunday we had to do 30 km (third day of 30-35km for us). The last 10 km is always the hardest, your feet hurt the most and the sun is at highest point in the sky, today was no different. With 5 km to go we ran into Brandon, our Scottish friend taking a smoking break and catching his breath. The three of us continued on together to Somas, home of the largest monastery in the western world. I started writing this post while sitting alone, peacefully soaking my feet in a mountain stream outside the village. The guys are back at the albergue taking a much deserved nap .

Today was a fun walk with Jon. For about an hour we kept singing different 90’s commercial jingles to each other: “Double your pleasure, Double your fun” and “Make it last a little longer with Big Red”. The German pilgrims thought we were so strange as we passed them singing. Jon also let me talk for hours about fun stories from my childhood, most of which include my sister Jamie. I thought of stories I’d hasn’t thought about in forever and we were laughing and laughing. It made me miss my sister so much. There were long stretches of pleasant silence and mild complaints of our many aches, overall very enjoyable.

To be honest I think this Camino is a little ridiculous. Our days include walking roughly 8 hours and then arriving exhausted just to sleep on bunk beds surrounded by snoring people until you wake up and do it all over again. At the same time, this Camino is perfect. I spend every day with my love and together we love the people we meet. People who are mourning the lost of a spouse, dealing with a recent break up, on a quest for God and truth, merely bored and in need of adventure. The other pilgrims are giving us such purpose and joy.

The last part of our evening in Samos included touring the monastery, buying chocolate from the monks (delicious!) and enjoying it on a walk to dinner at our albergue. Not a bad day, let’s hope we can complete our fourth 30 km day in a row tomorrow!
















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