Burgos to Leon- Leon to Vilar de Mazarife

Today (Vilar de Mazarife to Astorga) was 32 km and full of hills, in the hot, Spanish sun. Jon and I woke up at 5:30am and left in the dark in hopes of putting in 10 km before breakfast. Before the sun rose behind it was freezing cold and we walked hand-in-hand most of the morning trying to keep warm. How can the same day feel drastically different?

We walked a part of the way with Nora, a law student from Connecticut, who reminds us so much of Jon’s sister Rebekah. We also met up with our German friend Timo for dinner tonight in Astorga. We have entered a new ‘Camino class’ and it’s a bit awkward not seeing the same group we had been traveling with the first 12 days. The new group is great, but we do feel a bit lonely without our original class. I’m sure the next, and last, 10 days will be new and full of Devine connections and unforeseen experiences just as it has in the first 12 days. New places and people always feel uneasy until you jump fully in and allow them to be familiar to you. I am excited to see how the second half of the Camino unfolds for us. Jon did bought new shoes today to help alleviate his foot pain so if anything is drastically different let’s hopes it Jon’s pain level!
(Pictures inside our last day in Burgos with Ciclia and the beautiful Cathedral as well as the communist dinner last night in Vilar de Mazarife and the walk to Astorga. There are a few pictures from the Gaudi palace/ Camino museum in Astorga and Jon buying new shoes with Timo and I before dinner)

















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