Burgos Breather

After only 14 km of walking we decided to take a 15 minute bus ride to the infamous city of Burgos, skipping a night in San Juan Ortega. This will help us get to Santiago by July 20th, which is too short in hindsight. The decision was also a result of only getting three 20 minute intervals of actual sleep in Belorado last night- the snoring in our bunk-bed jungle was indescribable. With ear plugs and a pillow over my head I couldn’t fall asleep if you paid for my trip! At one point in the night I almost cried I was so frustrated and exhausted.

In Burgos we explored the Cathedral, hiked up to the castle, and enjoyed seeing friends who had moved on past us in Logroño. The friend we were most excited to see was Cicilia from Sweden who we met the first day of our Camino in St. Jean. We spend some time with her over churro a, yum!!

Burgos was relaxing and beautiful and after 24 hours of rest we bused to Leon for our second section of the Camino.

(Will continue post in the mañana- still exhausted)

Pictures include: Walking to VillaFranca, waiting for the bus to Burgos, exploring Burgos, Prima Divina Alburgue we are staying at that has been hosting pilgrims on the Camino since 1499, Burgos Cathedral, and communal dinner last night in Belorado with Nadine and Mirra.











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