Backpacking without Baking; the right choice

Journal Entry (Jon), Logroño July 3
Rested from our determined pace on the Camino yesterday in the city of Logroño. Typically on the Camino we have been traveling between 25-30 km a day. I was so grateful to have planned a slower day with Krysti, only 12 km in from Viana to have a “proper breakfast” and to enjoy the city, nap, shower and sleep in our own room, sheltered from “snorers” where we could be certain of a full nights sleep. Both of us needed one, not having slept soundly for 4 nights. Our rest day was also a calculated investment into our travel capacity.
My feet needed desperately time to repair, in our group I was main drag on our pace, the whole way. This was NOT what I expected from my Camino when I imagined it months ago– feet broken down, weary, and slower than most.
I’ve spent several days considering how to help myself into a better experience, something I’ve begun to call “my Camino”. My decision has been to jettison my personal projects that I brought along for the journey, with noble intent maybe? but somewhat dubiously also a long-lived survival practice of mine, securing identity in new places and seasons by what I can do and be famous for. Fame is inappropriate for a pilgrim, I think. So also is too much interest in and preparation of “the boastful pride of life” (1 John). One can see very clearly the effects of pride on a traveling pilgrim actually! I am pretty sure that I saw no other pilgrim carrying my load, for 5 days. I was likely the topic of many conversations, it is the type of thing we all talk about.
Graffitied somewhere on the trail was a profound statement: “just what you are willing to share is what you really have.” I’ve been thinking about this a lot today, as I let to of my things, and consider anew what I have, to share.
Being a pilgrim is a process of becoming human again, just human, without all the decor of life or the acts we are capable of. All must be given up on– the physical consequence of clinging to anything that would define in the world is crushing. My own feet are in repair from being a fool like this, thinking I could “bring” something to other travelers, bread to share, only to realize (immediately) that the supplies to do so were themselves an encumbrance to enjoying and practicing hospitality. For five days til now I have been last to arrive, most tired, and not thinking of others, only pain and daily survival. I’ve given it up as of this morning. I made up the final batch of dough for this last evening’s host and now give away every true non-essential (a class of things that now includes my project tools) to my friend Felix who will keep them for me in Madrid. I have so much gratitude toward you dear friend, thank you for helping me.
I also gave up to a Christian tea-shop owner a portion of my starter yesterday who will use it for pilgrims in her daily ministry. I feel fully released to re-engage the Camino as a wiser pilgrim, traveling simply as myself, 5-7 lbs lighter I think.20140706-180632-65192157.jpg





One thought on “Backpacking without Baking; the right choice

  1. A difficult, but noble choice…you are learning much on “your camino”. Humility is the way of the cross. Love the photos…love you guys…your smiles remain bright!

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