Logroño: Bittersweet rest day.

The Camino de Santiago demands of you physically, mentally, and relationally in a way few other things have in our lives so far. You feel empty and satisfied all at once. Even in exhaustion fellow pilgrims are able to strengthen you with a smile, a wave, even their presence. It’s the tightest-nit community of strangers you’ll ever find. We got a taste of how hard it will be to leave this unique community today in Logroño.

Today Jon, Felix, and I walked only 12 km from Viana to Logroño for a rest day and to say goodbye to Felix, our first true friend on this Camino journey. We hope to visit him in Madrid at the end of the Camino and feel he’ll be a friend for years. He also took another load of our ‘extras’, which Jon will write about in the morning.

We also came to Logroño to meet up with Ian Aper from Park City who is here studying Spanish for the summer. After about five attempts to meet up over the course of 6 hours and we finally did at a little cafe around 9:30pm, Spanish dinner time. It was great seeing Ian and a good reminder about how much control over our plans we don’t have on this trip. There are so many details we can’t control in a new culture, country, and rhythm of life, especially without our security blankets (GPS, smart phones, instant internet, the English language). We walked an extra 10 km the past three days to have more time with Ian in Logroño, but in reality we got thirty minutes in the evening with him. God knew what we needed, space and time to rest. Jon got a haircut, we visited the pharmacy for Jon’s injuries, and enjoyed tapas (Jon will bake in the morning so we also prepared for that). God’s plans are higher and better, but relinquishing control is foreign and painful. Why is it that way? Why is control so important? A question I know I (Krysti) will be asking myself along the way.
Lord, continue to use the Camino as our teacher and refining tool. Amen.







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