Day Four: 24 km to Monjardin

Wine Fountain

We were one of the last people to wake up and leave our hostel this morning. Last night we vowed to wake up at 5 am and hit the road by 6, but it ended up being more like 7am when we left. Felix left us to forge his own path on the Camino and maybe meet us in Monjardin this afternoon. We arrived and got the last rooms at the hostel and didn’t see Felix. Later at dinner he came up to us surprised and overjoyed we actually made it. He kissed our heads and said he missed us. Loving the Camino family we have made in such a slow time.

I (Krysti) started off the day exhausted. I haven’t been able to fully sleep any of our four Camino nights and it hit me hard this morning. With my low energy and Jon’s swollen foot we were not sure we would make it the 25 km, but we did! It was a hard day, with a looming rain cloud above us the entire walk. Looking back I’m grateful for its shade and coolness in the midst of a hot and humid day.

One reason for our successful distance I attribute to the wine fountain. Right outside of the city Estella, behind a vineyard, lies a fountain that flows with red, delicious wine for weary pilgrims. Jon and I untied our ‘camino shells’ we wear on our backpacks, filled them with wine and drank our fill. We felt fortified from the drink, ready to tackle the mountain before us to Monjardin. We even put a little in our water bottles for later.

A giant castle ruin sat on the peak of the mountain above Monjardin and it seemed to be beaconing us up. We are staying in a Dutch run hostel with a mediation service at 8:30 tonight. We are showered and about to hit the market for lunch supplies tomorrow and the local pub for dinner.

The hostel we are staying at is a Christian ministry for the pilgrims and provided a half hour ‘Mediation’ with music and tea in a small room with low light lamps and Persian rugs. It was exactly what we needed to stop, breathe, and remember why we are putting ourselves through this walking marathon day after day. Jon even baked bread for the volunteers and kept a load for our walk tomorrow.

Successful day number four on the Camino de Santiago.





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