Cizur Menor to Cirauqui (28k)

Today was a measly 28 km day, just a stroll across the greater Navarre region on a north-east Spain. We walked almost the entire way with Felix again and had a great start.

Our first stop for the day was in the small village of Zariquiegui for coffee con leches and croissants. It was during this break Jon and I were able to hear more of Felix’s story and share ours. I have a feeling it will be one of my most memorable conversation on this trip- we have SO much in common!

After our break we three continued on up to the peak of Alto del Perdon where a series metal pilgrim statues join the path to walk beside us. On the decent Felix turned on a playlist of 90’s music and the three of us sang and danced along to R.E.M., Madonna, and Alanis Morissett songs for hours.

Jon and I had a victorious, yet exhausting, finish to the medieval hilltop village of Cirauqui. Jon’s feet were throbbing, even to the point of limping, and I was wilting up the last major hill in the beating sun. Once we arrived all was well. Felix went on ahead the last 5 km and got us all rooms in the brightest, most welcoming albergue yet. We arrived and felt deeply grateful for the hospitality and rest. Pilgrims come with nothing at the end of a long day, but God always provides exactly what we need.

After hot showers we have collapsed on our wooden bunk beds about to take a much deserved cat nap till dinner. That is, if we can sleep through the church bells outside our window. Tomorrow is another long climb, praying for grace and energy!

Photo Disclosure: the WIFI signals are too weak at all the albergue to upload our photos from our Canon. I’ve used my phone pictures because they are small, but we will upload the better photos soon.






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