Day Two: Lost my heart, and feet, in Spain

Day two was only 19 km from Lorrasoana to the outer-edge of Pamplona. We hiked with Felix and two Americans from California, Jonathan and June. The day was overcast, tempting to shower rain from Heaven all day, but it never did. With great company we enjoyed ourselves despite the aches in our feet and shoulders.

Jon was very quiet as we passed through the charming city of Pamplona. I hope he is able to blog his thoughts tonight, his heavy pack has made his mind heavy with thought and I think there is something beautiful about to emerge from him.

The best part of the day was breaking Jon’s bread on the old bridge (in the Medieval town of Trinidad de Arre est. in the 11th century) with our new hiking buddies. Everyone said it was the most famous break baked on the Camino, too bad it’s the only bread baked on the Camino- by a pilgrim at least. Our feet hurt again, but we end the day more in love with Spain and the pilgrims who inspiringly walk beside us.








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