Pyrenees Formage Story

After a long hike down from our mountain refuge in the Pyrenees on the French-side we were hungry! We stopped in a small village with castles, yes actual ones, surrounding it and bought a loaf of bread. Next we drove to the local market for meat & cheese, but sadly it was closed. We drove on and all of a sudden I saw a sign saying “Formage camion”- the cheese way with the head of a sheep and a slice of cheese draw on it. “Follow the Formage!” I yelled to Jon and our small Euro-car zoomed up the cobble stone road high into the mountain. After about 15 minutes we no longer saw the sheep/cheese signs, but signs indicating we were on the Tour d’ France route. “Where is the cheese??!!” Up a small street we went in search of directions. We saw a group of men installing something in a grage and rolled down our windows and simple asked “Formage?” with confused and hopefully expressions. The man laughed and gave us 5 minutes of directions in French/English. How did he know? We got back on the main road and continued our journey up, trying to decipher if we past the right church, house, ext. Finally we saw the church the man described and beside it were about 45 small children having a picnic. As we pulled up they all started cheering and chanting “Formage!” I asked Jon, “Is this really happening? How did they know?” We could stop laughing as we heading up the road to the small house/barn where a shepherdess greatest us with cheese. We bought much too much, but relished in the fact that we found the farm and congratulated ourselves by eating 10 euros worth of sheep cheese. The shepherdess will actually be staying in a small hut near the refuge we stayed in the night before for grassing season. It has belonged to the farm for centuries and her family will live there from July- September. We knew exactly where that was. Love the Pyrenees!
The best part of the story is that on our drive from the French Pyrenees to Port d’ Sant Jean we saw about 20 “Formage camino” signs-and we thought we went to a special farm. But we were the only one with the cheering French children 😉












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5 thoughts on “Pyrenees Formage Story

  1. C/ Marqués de Murrieta, 50 7º D
    26005 Logroño… I will be living here, arriving late on the 28th… shoot me a facebook message or something if you want to try and meet up.
    (this is Ian btw)

    1. Hello Ian! We are starting tomorrow 4 days from Logrono, July 1 or 2- most likely 2. In the evening want to get dinner together? We will try to find your home. I’ll FB you again on the 30 to let you know which day and appx time!

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