Beaches in Barcelona.

Barcelona is fantastic! There is no other word for this unique and utterly pleasant city on the Mediterranean coast. In 4 days we have seen incredible parks and architecture from Guadi (La Familia Sagrada is worth the trip alone), gothic churches and structures jetting out of the mysterious La Rambles’ labyrinth, 17th century castles and fortresses, panoramic overlooks from the surrounding hills of the city, long days of walking everywhere, staying in a circular tower with three balconies in a building designed in 1901, and swimming in the refreshing, Mediterranean sea! Did I mention eating tapas and sipping red wine in cafés at all hours if the night? Well, that’s a given in Barcelona.
Quick story about the beaches. As most of you know Europe’s standards of beach-modesty differ slightly from its friendly neighbors in the US. Today it was apparent Jon and I were at a European beach. After exiting the metro, stopping at a local market for bread & cheese to make a picnic, we followed the locals towards the coast. We were advised to go to the beach just north of the tourist areas to have a real Barcelona experience. As we reached the coast a small hill blocked our view from the beach and two paths lay before us: one to the left and one to the right. The locals all proceeded left so we followed. As we reached the top of the hill we felt strangely overdressed. A very large man stood before us completely naked with his family. He was not alone, it seemed hundreds of families were enjoying the perfect sunny Saturday at the beach with out care or clothing. Jon and I at first forgot we were starring and standing, picnic in hand, fully clothed at the top of the hill. What a scene, still trying to forget it. Please remember nudest beaches are usually frequented by the large and in charge folks, and this one was no different. We decided to move on slightly to the right of the area where a sign showed a naked figure with a slash through it, we assumed it was referring to the normal, none-naked beach. We to set up our towels there and prepared for lovely day. When I mentioned “normal” before I implied topless, as is the way in Barcelona. So you have your choice: completely nude or just slightly less nude 😉

Though overdressed, we spent hours jumping in the water, falling asleep on the sand, and loving Barcelona!!

Hillsong Church tomorrow!!

Waterfront near the famous La Rambla walking street

Waterfront near the famous La Rambla walking street



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