Preparation, continued: Journaling

A note about journaling from Jon:

There’s something about journaling that gives your mind space & time to breath. Maybe a suitable analogy for its tremendous effect on a person is a pair of shoes worn continuously and tromped around in for days, that are never removed, but just lived in. Can you imagine the sweaty, stinky condition of those feet, that degrades them day by day? I plan everyday to switch to my Chacos¬†immediately at the end of a long walk day, as a discipline to care for my feet. Journaling is a similar discipline for my mind, absolutely necessary for relaxation and for mental hygiene! I’m looking forward to it. I hope it will not be overly-exhibitionist to post here from time to time the fruitfulness of this practice while on the Camino.


First Entry:
Last Sunrise over Park City for a long time.

This will be the fourth time I’ve boiled the water this morning on this my first travel day of our Camino 2014 trip. I woke up at 4am to complete some of the technological preparations for our journey– editing a blog post, organizing files to give back to my employer, and formatting a hard drive. This will be my last day of working at Mountain Life Church, and how ironic it is that only upon finishing have a taken up a discipline that would have served me very well throughout. Why is it that we journal when we travel, but not while we live? I am grateful for leaps of faith this morning, they force you to brace yourself in these ways, with a journal, a bible, a coffee, and expectation of a sunrise any minute now.

I press my coffee down and become aware of the chill I feel from the morning air. There’s birdsong and the clouds that have been illuminated with pink for the past thirty-minutes no longer blush. The sun must be over the mountains. It’s an overcast day and I realize the futility of waiting with hopes to see a bright sun. Thankfully my coffee is still warm, this time makes my heart full. I will pause here to consider how to spend the last moments I have in Park City with the people I love, and begin to conform to the purpose pilgrimage that I undertake today. My bible lies open before me, and so does my heart. God be with me.

Enough time has passed, I see proof of the sun somewhere far ahead of me. Time to wake Krysti.



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